Attention on Campus (or off campus):

The Wentworth Military Academy Alumni Association has tasked me with gathering names and contact information from alumni that would like to be a part of the “WMA Museum Board of Advisors”.

If you would like to be part of this endeavor/mission please find me at the final commencement weekend, or message me through Facebook with your full name, email address, phone number and year/years you graduated from Wentworth Military Academy.

The “Board of Advisors” will assist in the process of making the WMA Museum Project a success. It will involve conference calls, meetings, fund raising, and ideas of how to move forward with this project to see it succeed. We would like to have all classes represented on this board to insure that every year has a voice.

We need your help to secure the future of our history, heritage, and traditions for generations to come. We could just sit back and choose to slip quietly into the night and let it all disappear, but I know all of you do not wish to see that happen. We want to insure that we still have a place to call home after May 31st, as well as a place for future generations to come see what made Wentworth a truly great Military Academy for 137 years. This is why we need your help.

Again, if you have an interest in assisting with this endeavor please contact me through Facebook, or at the final commencement weekend.

For more information on this operation please visit

“Achieve The Honorable!”


James L. Lowman
Wentworth Military Academy Alumni
WMA Classes HS: 1995 JC: 1997