The Wentworth Military Academy Museum Project has been launched with the hope of purchasing a small portion of land on the WMA campus (perhaps the Administration Building) to serve as a permanent archive, library and museum.  The institution is scheduled to close on May 31, 2017, but we are determined that its legacy and history will not only live on, but will be preserved.  The Museum will collect, preserve, and exhibit items relevant to the school’s history, including, hopefully, The Doughboy and other campus monuments.

Although the exact process for the dissolution of the Academy is yet to be determined, we need to be ready for whatever scenario may come, including the possibility of needing to purchase the land and artifacts at auction.  It is assumed at this point that the Museum operating entity going forward will be the WMA Alumni Association.  As we work through the details, please help us by registering with us so we can keep you updated.

Keeping the museum at the site of the current Administration Building will allow the Alumni Association to carry-on WMA’s legacy in a small, but manageable way, and in the most historic building on campus.  More significantly, it will serve as the location for reunions (i.e., Homecoming), and as place to visit to remember the Academy.  The purchase and renovation of this Wentworth Military Academy landmark will only be able to be accomplished with the help of WMA Alumni and friends.  

There will come a time when we request donations.  For now, keep your powder dry, register and stay tuned.

“Achieve the Honorable”


George J. Hittner
– WMA Classes of 1992, 1995 and 1997
– WMA Museum Chairman
– Vice President – WMA Alumni Association