Although we are still in discussions with representatives of Bank Midwest and WMA regarding the lawsuit, I am HOPEFUL we will be able to resolve those matters in short order. The lawsuit notwithstanding, it is now clear that we are well on our way to a WMA Museum.

This communication is a recognition that we need to both be transparent and responsible in how we are planning to care for our shared history. Specifically, at some point in the future, all Alumni will pass on and join that glorious WMA cadet formation on a big quadrangle in the sky. As responsible stewards of our history, we need to, at minimum, face the fact that a long lasting WMA Museum may, or may not be sustainable. In other words, we need to hope for the best, but plan for the possibility of sunset (perhaps on the 200th Anniversary of WMA). To that end, we will embark to create a contingency plan for all memorabilia (including The Doughboy).

Accordingly, tonight, the WMA Alumni Association Executive Committee (including members of the WMA Museum Committee) unanimously voted to adopt a resolution relating to the WMA Museum that I wanted to pass along:

  • An 11 person Legacy and Artifact committee will be formed.
  • Five of these 11 members will make up the Artifact Sub-Committee which will make recommendations for the current placement (i.e., Museum Display, Museum Archives, artifact loans to other museums or institutions, etc.) of all memorabilia. This entity will also be responsible for tracking EVERY artifact we obtain by donation, purchase, or otherwise and where that item currently resides.
  • A different five people of the 11 person committee will be selected to serve on the Legacy Sub-Committee. This Committee will be responsible for making recommendations for the future/final location of each artifact (where each piece will go when we decide to finally dispose of an artifact or the Alumni Association and Museum come to their natural conclusion). This could be returning artifacts to families or donations to other museums or alternative provisions (think of this as our last will and testament committee).
  • The Body of the Whole (the entire 11 person committee) will convene only to vote on major issues/recommendations. In the short term, this committee will weigh recommendations regarding the Doughboy, but there will be other scenarios down the road where the Committee of the Whole will convene to make recommendations on major issues such as partnering with other museums (i.e., the Lexington Historical Association) or possible successors of the WMA Museum (if it ever comes to that), etc. To be sure, we expect the subcommittees will be very busy in the near term, whereas the Committee of the Whole might only convene (in person or by phone) twice annually. The Chairman of the Committee of the Whole will serve as an umpire, and like the Vice President of the United States who presides over the Senate, will cast a vote only in the event of a tie (5-5 vote) of the Committee of the Whole.

Current Alumni Association members who have expressed an interest in serving on one of these two sub-committees include: Jennifer Teichman Kerr, James Lowman, George Hittner, Jim Sellers, Al McCormick, and Mark Chitwood.

We are soliciting other nominations for people who are genuinely willing to put in the time to tackle this monumental task. There will be plenty of other committees in addition to these as it relates to the Museum (athletics, academics, alumni relations, building, technology/digitization, development, etc.). If you would like to serve on a the Artifact and Legacy Committee, or a different committee, please PM me and James Lowman.

Please let me know if you have any questions. This effort requires all of us.

Yours in brotherhood-