I am pleased to report that we have attained enough 1880 Sustaining Society Members to purchase our new home. THIS WAS A TEAM EFFORT.

Mark Ruff became our 137th member; and to no surprise, the one and only Kathy Cormany came in, as expected, into the 138th position (just as she planned).

I will freely admit that I did not think adding 40+ new members this weekend was possible, but WE did it. I am inspired, impressed, and… well, a little relieved. On to the next goal. 🙂

Please keep in mind that we would like to grow the 1880 Sustaining Member Society as much as we can. The 137 was the threshold to purchase the building and know with confidence that our bills would be paid. Still, it remains a wonderful way to encourage others to participate in our mission in a digestible, manageable and meaningful way; while at the same time, allowing the Museum to have predictable revenue to budget around. Until the museum mortgage is paid off, 100% of the Sustaining Society funds will go to reoccurring expenses (i.e., bills) and anything extra will go to accelerate paying off our mortgage (we would like to own the museum free and clear as soon as possible). Once this is accomplished, the funds will be used for on-going expenses and special TBD projects.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I remain,

Very truly yours,

George J. Hittner
WMA Classes of 1992, 1995 and 1997
WMA Museum Chair