‘Tis The Season

Please remember the WMA Museum during the holidays. We need stocking stuffers!! Below is a link to our Amazon wish list.

Or, can you help us reach our goal of 137 individuals signed up for the 1880 Society Sustaining Member Society? Join the 1880 Society, for just $18.80 a month. We’re currently at 32% of our goal.

It means so much to all of us who are committed to preserving the best of Wentworth as we all work for a lifetime to Achieve The Honorable.

WMA Museum Wish List
The 1880 Society- Infinite

For Whom The Bell Tolls…. Fellow Old Boys, It Tolls For Thee!

On November 22nd the Wentworth Bell was removed from campus. It rang one final time on the grounds to signal the end of Wentworth’s days. It will now be kept at the Wentworth Museum, where it will toll for each of us when “our time” comes.

We seriously cannot thank those who helped us through this logistical nightmare enough. Rob Grigsby, Lincoln McCoy, JP Sanders, Gary Hornaday, Richard Mann, Marion Shipman, Davey, Tim Twyman and Jayne Neville….thank you from the bottom of our hearts. As always, our Velvet Hammer (Jennifer Teichman Kerr) and Rick Cottrell made sure everyone was on their best behavior.