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806, 2018

Museum Guidon Purchase Request

Ladies and Gentlemen…. this is your chance … put your name (or up to 5 donors’ names) on a plaque under your company’s guidon at the Museum. We are in need of the following:


They are $400 each. Please let me know if you have an interest so we can get them ordered. Ready, set, GO!!


3101, 2018

Donated Items

Thank you, John Francis, for the 3 boxes of carefully packed trophies and other items! They arrived safe and sound, and they are exquisite. The pictured trophies are for the:

  • 1930- Missouri State Matches for the Junior Collegiate Rifle Team & is inscribed, “Wentworth Military Academy 1930.” We are honored to have these treasures in your museum.
  • 1921- University of Missouri scholastic team trophy
  • 1918- Half-Mile Relay trophy
  • 1927- Kemper Relays trophy
  • WMA saber

3001, 2018

Fun Fact

Fun fact:

Everything you see in this picture (except the floor and ceiling) is new. The paint is new, the doorway was not there before us, the hallway is new, and the buildout is new.

So why was all this necessary? The Hall of Honor is an event space. Event spaces need bathrooms. But still, we want to be able to close off the Hall of Honor from the Museum for rentals. This hallway leads from the Hall of Honor to the Museum, but there will be a door at the end of the hallway, which will be locked when the Museum is closed but the Hall of Honor is hosting an event. Just through this doorway will be two ADA compliant bathrooms (one on the left (brand new) and one on the right (existing bathroom reconfigured to be ADA compliant). So that people walking past the bathrooms don’t get hit by swinging doors, hefty sliding doors will be installed for the bathrooms. Just past the bathroom on the left will be a coat closet for Hall of Honor banquets.

If you were to turn left into the coat closet, on the other side of the wall just in front of you is the theater room we are building out; on the other side of that, the cadet room.

Thank you Catie Ebert (chair of our building committee) and everyone else (including our donors) who are making things possible to Secure Our Future.


2901, 2018

Museum Supplies

Volunteers continue to make strides in getting our history sorted, categorized, filed and displayed for all of our viewing pleasure. We continue to receive supplies on an ongoing basis. Not everyone is able to make it in person to help, but there is the option to join the 1880 Sustaining Members Society or support us through the purchase of supplies.

2901, 2018

Museum Personnel Announcement

On behalf of the Executive Committee of the Wentworth Military Academy Museum, I am very pleased to announce that we have hired Jayne Neville as a full time coordinator and administrator for day-to-day museum operations. Jayne will lead the on the ground efforts to get the Museum operational on an expedited basis between now and Homecoming. Jayne will report directly to the Executive Committee, with a day-to-day reporting relationship to James Lowman and Jennifer Kerr.

To put this decision in perspective, we currently have a coordinated volunteer effort at the museum once a week, if we are lucky. However, that is not due to a lack of willing volunteers; but rather, because of the tight controls we have placed on supervision of anyone in the museum. Having a full time employee, solves that problem; and we can now have museum volunteers and construction workers in the museum everyday.

Please help us welcome Jayne (her first day is February 12). We will be pleased to answer any questions you may have as we take this important step for the short-term and long-term future of the Museum.

Achieve The Honorable!

James Lowman

2901, 2018

Continued Construction

Contractors and volunteers have been hard at work. Framing out the Sandford Sellers Hall cadet room, Museum Theater Room, and ADA compliant bathroom.