Back on December 24th, George Hittner reached out on the “Old Boys” Facebook page with a simple request,

“We are in search of an architect of some kind amongst our Alumni who would enjoy in-kinding services on behalf of the museum. Design? Construction? Here is the mission if you choose to accept it: find a way to make the outside of the museum look “aesthetically similar” (but not gaudy) to the Administration building while keeping with the historical look of downtown Lexington (and not breaking the bank on construction costs). At this point, until we get this priced out, it is a “possibility” and not a probability.
What was decided this weekend, however, is that the front door of the Hall of Honor at the Museum will be redesigned on the inside so that when you walk in from the street, you will enter through the old hall of Honor. It is almost a perfect fit and can be accomplished (if the Lexington historical society approves) at a reasonable cost.”

That call to service was answered by one of our alum, Dan Reinhardt of Reinhardt & Associates, Architects P.C.