We had our first formal telephonic Executive Committee meeting last night (the first since we became an official legal entity). Consistent with our pledge for 100% transparency, we will be posting the Minutes of the meeting as soon as they are formally adopted at our next meeting.

The EC of the Museum met for over an hour and a half. We had a lot of things to get through (i.e., construction projects, retaining an accounting firm, finances, etc.), including numerous formal motions that are required to proceed with purchasing a building and getting a mortgage. Thank you 1880 Society Sustaining Members!!

I am also pleased to report we added a 7th board member: Major Sam Ratcliffe. Please join me in thanking Sam for agreeing to serve on a board that is going to require a VERY LARGE time commitment.

In addition to the numerous daily informal calls to keep operations progressing at the museum, the EC will meet formally AT LEAST every two weeks between now and Homecoming. You will be receiving copies of the minutes of every single meeting. If I have said it once, I have said it a million times: you may not always agree with our decisions, but you will be kept informed of them. As always, we will remain receptive to constructive criticism.


George J. Hittner
James Lowman
Jennifer Teichman Kerr
Scott Hefner
Mark Chitwood
Catie Ebert
Sam Ratcliffe