Fun fact:

Everything you see in this picture (except the floor and ceiling) is new. The paint is new, the doorway was not there before us, the hallway is new, and the buildout is new.

So why was all this necessary? The Hall of Honor is an event space. Event spaces need bathrooms. But still, we want to be able to close off the Hall of Honor from the Museum for rentals. This hallway leads from the Hall of Honor to the Museum, but there will be a door at the end of the hallway, which will be locked when the Museum is closed but the Hall of Honor is hosting an event. Just through this doorway will be two ADA compliant bathrooms (one on the left (brand new) and one on the right (existing bathroom reconfigured to be ADA compliant). So that people walking past the bathrooms don’t get hit by swinging doors, hefty sliding doors will be installed for the bathrooms. Just past the bathroom on the left will be a coat closet for Hall of Honor banquets.

If you were to turn left into the coat closet, on the other side of the wall just in front of you is the theater room we are building out; on the other side of that, the cadet room.

Thank you Catie Ebert (chair of our building committee) and everyone else (including our donors) who are making things possible to Secure Our Future.