Can you see our museum’s future? I can! Today, Sue Webster, Sharon Bayne and Jennifer Teichman Kerr reduced 5 boxes of uncategorized pictures filled with inexpensive frames into two of these classy red binders. Jennifer even spent her Friday night curled up by the fire with puppy Barclay building a spreadsheet of names of who were in contained in the binders. This is what the museum effort is all about: preserving Wentworth history in a way that is organized, sortable, and able to be sustained through the ages. Imagine your grandchildren venturing to Lexington one day to find out more about you. They would be shown your cadet card, see a real life example of your old Sandford Sellers Hall cadet room, and through our database, we would be able to pull one of our red binders off the shelves, or a yearbook, and poof … pictures of you… or videos of you marching, or scoring the winning touchdown at homecoming (Paul Companion-Haley, Christopher C. Pohle). We are on our way… thanks to a few of our volunteer heroes. Thank you!!!!