Fellow alums and friends of The Wentworth Museum:

Our general contractor, Gonzo Lopez, has been a friend of mine for the last decade. He is honest, ethical, a man of many talents, and a true gentleman. When I asked Gonzo to leave his family and business in Phoenix to help us in Lexington, he didn’t hesitate. He knew I wouldn’t ask unless we really needed him. And he has done work that we would have paid much more for from others, with his trademark perfectionism and can-do positive attitude.

He has put in 12-16 hour days EVERY DAY since joining our cause. He returns to Phoenix on Sunday to spend a week with his family. He will come back to Lexington and work for others until Labor Day (while we replenish our coffers and prepare for homecoming). Assuming we are in the position I expect we will be in by Labor Day, we will be back to work to finish out our final remaining tasks for the final five weeks before we head into Homecoming.

If you have seen and appreciated his work make sure and let him know when you see him, not only for him, but so that his family understands how much his work means to our brotherhood.

My best-