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Donated Items

Thank you, John Francis, for the 3 boxes of carefully packed trophies and other items! They arrived safe and sound, and they

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Fun Fact

Fun fact: Everything you see in this picture (except the floor and ceiling) is new. The paint is new, the doorway was

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Museum Supplies

Volunteers continue to make strides in getting our history sorted, categorized, filed and displayed for all of our viewing pleasure. We continue

By | 2018-02-01T13:41:56+00:00 January 29th, 2018|

Continued Construction

Contractors and volunteers have been hard at work. Framing out the Sandford Sellers Hall cadet room, Museum Theater Room, and ADA compliant

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Anonymous Donation

While on a 3 hour marathon phone call at 12:30am this evening with your Museum's vice chairman, James Lowman, I received a

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Today’s Construction Pictures

Today’s construction pictures courtesy of the wrecking crew: Cadet room, theater, bathrooms being framed out. Davey (our landlord’s carpenter) working on repairs

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WMA Museum Breaking News

I am pleased to announce that the WMA Museum has been presented with a unique opportunity to purchase the building immediately adjacent

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Hard At Work

How about an update on the progress at the Museum today. Our fabulous volunteers and paid contractors were at it again! -

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Kemper Alum Letter

Al McCormick received the following anonymous letter from a Kemper Alum. The letter (also attached as a .pdf) was addressed to me,

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